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Support the EPA and Defend the Clean Air Act!

For too long polluters have put profits ahead of health and the public good.  Now the EPA is implementing long overdue rules that will clean up our air.   This is especially important here in Maine, where high asthma rates among children and other health problems are the result of dirty air coming from power generating plants to our south and west.  A carbon emissions rule for existing plants is badly needed.  But the Clean Air Act has been under attack in Congress and needs your ongoing support.

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Tar Sands Oil

Tar sands oil from Alberta is extracted using huge amounts of energy, and water and toxic chemicals.  The mining process destroys wildlife habitat and poses a serious health threat, polluting air, land and water.   Between 50 - 400 thousand birds have already died due to this dirty mining process, many landing in toxic tailings ponds containing mine waste.

 Corrosive tar sands oil has to be heated and diluted to be pumped through aging pipeline networks, one of which could potentially bring this sticky bitumen product to Maine.  A recent spill impacted thirty miles of the Kalamazoo River in Michigan and is taking years to clean up. 

Recent investigation has revealed that the pipeline company knew for five years prior to the spill that maintenance was needed on the portion of pipe that ruptured, but did nothing about it.

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A land rush is under way in Pennsylvania, New York and elsewhere, as energy companies seek new sites to drill for natural gas.  This Harvard Magazine article provides a balanced look at he process.  Bill McKibben's informational review of two books points out that the process is far from perfect, and careful regulation of the extraction process is badly needed:

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